How to use Google’s new API to deliver games on the go

Posted October 07, 2018 05:30:53 Google announced the API today to allow developers to deliver their games to Android devices, a move that was announced during the Google I/O 2018 keynote.

“Google Play Services provides the ability for you to deliver your apps and games to mobile devices via an API called Google Play Services for Android,” said the Google spokesperson.

“It is very easy to get started and provides the power to build apps and services with the power of Google Play.

With this new API, you can do this on your own devices, without having to open up a Google Play Developer account.”

For developers to use the new API on Android devices Google has announced a free, “experimental” API called “Android Play Services” that will let you create apps, and then add your games to the Google Play store, as long as they have been made available through Google Play before.

“If you have not yet launched an app or a game on your Android device, the new Google Play services API is not yet available to developers,” the spokesperson said.

“If you need to get up and running on your first Android device with the API, we encourage you to check out our new Android Play services developer preview, which is available for testing right now.”

Google also announced that it will be making it easy for developers to get their apps on the Google App Store by allowing them to build on the APIs, but the company said this will not necessarily be an option for every app.

“For apps that are not available for the Google Store, developers can still create a Play service using Google’s existing APIs,” the statement said.

“We’re also launching a new developer preview that is open to developers to build Android apps with the Google services APIs on the Android platform.”

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