Ontario government announces $1.8 billion outbound services investment to boost tourism, business

A provincial government announced Wednesday a $1 billion investment in the province’s outbound fax services and $750 million in new revenue for tourism, but it also laid out a long list of initiatives to boost business.

In its 2016-17 budget, the Liberals announced a $6.4 billion infrastructure plan, a $250 million infrastructure fund, $50 million for a new Tourism Infrastructure Trust Fund and $300 million for provincial government projects.

The new infrastructure will support infrastructure improvements, including more road construction and more frequent service.

“We will continue to be a world leader in connectivity and connectivity of transportation,” Premier Kathleen Wynne said.

Wynne also announced a commitment to hire 5,000 more people to support tourism in the next five years, saying the province is looking to hire 100,000 people by 2021.

Among the initiatives announced Wednesday was a new $3.5 million investment to build more transit lines for residents and businesses.

As part of the plan, the province also announced it will open an in-person tourism business incubator to help develop companies that will create jobs, and it is launching a new online tourism business portal, Tourism Connect, that will help companies and individuals connect to each other.

Ontario’s government also announced that it will spend $1 million this year to help the province attract more foreign visitors.

The province announced that over $3 billion worth of investment will be invested in Ontario’s out-of-province tourism sector, including $1bn to expand its tourism infrastructure and $3bn to create a $5 billion tourism infrastructure fund.

With files from the Canadian Press

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