How to use your new email service

Posted March 06, 2018 12:00:38The Microsoft Outlook., the online service that’s available for free to most Windows 8 and Windows Phone users, has been discontinued.

The company says the service is no longer supported on its network.

Microsoft also stopped support for last week, and will no longer offer

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Mark Pincus, general manager of the Microsoft Windows and Devices group, said that Outlook.

Com is no more.

Microsoft will no more support it in the future.

It’s no longer possible to use Outlook.COM on a Windows 8 or Windows Phone.

And Microsoft has removed the ability to connect Outlook.NET to in Windows 8.

Microsoft said in its blog post that Outlook services were discontinued on March 13.

Microsoft is no stranger to discontinuing services.

Last month, it announced it was shutting down its email service ,and was removing its,, and email services.

Microsoft has also pulled Skype, its popular video calling app, from the Windows Phone platform.

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