Fox News: Outbound email and fax services may get cheaper under the GOP tax plan

Fox News hosts Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, and Joe Scarborough all discussed the tax plan, which is being proposed by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the GOP’s tax reform effort in a discussion Monday.

They also discussed the Trump administration’s recent move to cut the number of Americans with Medicaid, a program that covers low-income Americans, and whether the GOP will end the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

In a wide-ranging interview, Beck and Hannity said the Republican tax plan would eliminate the cost of Medicaid and its Medicaid expansion, and also cut the cost for people who currently receive Medicaid.

“The Medicaid expansion is a disaster, right?”

Beck asked.

“What are you going to do about that?

And so the question we’ve got to ask is, what are you doing about it?”

Hannity added, “This is a Republican tax policy.

This is what we want to do to people who are currently on Medicaid.

This will end it.

It will cut it.”

Scarborough added that Republicans want to “roll back Medicaid and it will be done through a program like Medicaid.

It’s a disaster.

It’ll be a disaster.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Erin Burnett, John Roberts, Alex Marlow and Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

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