NHL’s ivr Services Inc. to acquire NHL Sports & Outbound Services inc.

NHL Services Inc., a company that provides outbound services including video conferencing and live streaming, is expected to close its transaction with NHL Sports and Outbound Media Inc., according to the company’s filing.

The transaction is expected close by the end of this week.

NHL Services will be acquired by NHL Sports on an all-cash basis, with a $1.2 billion purchase price, according to a regulatory filing made public Monday.

The company’s parent company, NHL Enterprises, will retain control of the company.

NHL Sports, a division of Rogers Communications Inc., is the parent of NHL, the NHL Network and NHL GameCentre Live.

In addition, the company owns the NHL’s national broadcast rights.

NHL Enterprises has a portfolio of NHL games and broadcast rights across television, radio and online.

The purchase of the companies will create a wholly-owned subsidiary of NHL Enterprises with the combined operations of NHL Sports.

In a statement, the deal is subject to approval by the Board of Governors.

In a statement to NHL.com, NHL Sports President and CEO David Poile said the new company will focus on building a video and social network that will help players and teams connect on a global level.

“The team that has made the most of the platform has been a leader in social and video sharing, and we’re excited to continue to leverage this capability as we continue to grow our business in a more integrated and dynamic way,” Poile wrote in the statement.

“The teams that we’ve built will be able to leverage their network of talent and fans to grow the value of their game.

We will build out new and exciting services, including new and improved in-person game experiences for our fans and players, which will help us bring fans, players and media closer together.”

 NHL Sports has been investing heavily in outbound and in-venue video content over the past several years.

In February, the league announced the launch of NHL.TV, a new, in-house service that allows fans to watch live and on-demand NHL games on demand and in full-length video streams.

In November, the NFL and NHL announced the first-ever live video game, “The New Era,” featuring professional athletes from around the world.

Last year, NHL launched NHL.tv Premium, a premium-streaming service that includes live video, audio and interactive content.

NHL.ca, the official online destination for NHL games, launched in October, and the league has also launched NHL Live, an online streaming service that offers live streaming video and video on demand.

 In a regulatory release, NHL said it expects to reach approximately 3 million unique users by the second half of 2018, including approximately 300,000 on NHL.net.

NHL, in addition to its television and radio properties, also owns the rights to the NHLPA’s radio rights and the NHL.

The NHL also has the rights for the National Hockey League and NHL Network.

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