What you need to know about legal aid in Australia

What you’re going to need to understand if you’re planning on applying for legal aid and getting the right kind of help from your local law enforcement agency.

Read moreWhat you’re reading is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only.

It is not a substitute for advice from a qualified legal professional.

The advice provided is not an exhaustive list of all the relevant issues to be considered.

The information provided should not be treated as legal advise and is not legal advice.

If you have questions about the legal aid you need, you should contact your local police and/or social services.

If the law does not provide for legal assistance, you may be able to obtain it through the Legal Aid Service.

If you have not yet had access to the Legal Support Service, contact the Legal Services NSW website at: www.legalservicesnsw.org.au for further information.

If there are any questions about your eligibility to access the Legal Service or about whether your legal rights have been breached, contact your nearest Law Society.

If that Law Society is not available, contact one of our local Legal Services Centres.

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