Fox News: ‘It is now in the hands of the FBI’

Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has predicted the FBI will likely “unlock” the information and send it to the DOJ soon.

The latest news comes from a report out of the New York Times Thursday that claims the bureau will not only unlock the contents of phone calls but also “access phone records” of the targeted individuals.

The Times reports the FBI’s Director James Comey, however, has indicated the agency does not plan to “close the book” on its ability to search for and unlock phone records.

Comey has previously claimed that the bureau has the power to search and “access” records in bulk.

However, he has stated in the past that he believes the FBI “has to have some level of confidence that the metadata, the content of the call, the call history, is not somehow tied to terrorism or any other serious offense.”

The Times’ story adds that the FBI has “agreed to allow the government to search the phone records for any records of calls that may have been made in the United States in recent months that were picked up during the investigation.”

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