How to avoid a potential blackout on MSNBC in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas last week, the internet went dark and many people experienced power outages.

But the internet wasn’t the only service disrupted.

Several other services suffered power outage and some internet service providers were unable to deliver their customers the same service they normally do.

Now, some internet providers have decided to offer customers a way to avoid the blackout.

The internet provider that owns the video streaming service Hulu has announced plans to roll out an outage notification tool that would alert customers when they are on a network that is “unable to provide internet service.”

Hulu users will be able to see the status of their service in their dashboard.

Hulu users will also be able get alerts when their internet connection is dropping below 80 percent, and if the internet provider has a problem with the quality of their video.

The company says the tool will be available in select markets and will go live soon.

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