BPO outbound Fax Services Hit $15 Billion Deal with Microsoft

BPO is getting an important boost in the mail service market as the company announced a $15 billion deal with Microsoft to provide outbound mail services.

In a statement released Tuesday, BPO said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft that will create the world’s largest global outbound service provider.

The new deal will see BPO join Microsoft’s email services in a joint venture called Microsoft Outlook Express.

The company will be offering outbound email services through Outlook Express, and Microsoft will also provide Microsoft Outlook in a Microsoft OneDrive app.

Microsoft Outlook Express will offer mail services for Outlook clients and Microsoft Office 365 users.

The deal includes BPO’s outbound office mail service and mail delivery services, according to the statement.

The $15-billion deal includes an upfront payment of $8.5 billion and a two-year commitment to buy back shares at $4 a share.

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