Singapore to pay $300m to fight US copyright claims

Singapore is to pay a record $300 million to the US to defend its copyright laws against the US Copyright Office, according to a leaked draft of a joint settlement agreement.

The deal, which is yet to be officially confirmed, will see Singapore pay $30 million to settle claims of copyright infringement and $30,000 to the United States in exchange for a guarantee that the US will not attempt to sue Singapore over the issue, a source with knowledge of the agreement told the Associated Press.

Singapore, which has been fighting for years to overturn US copyright law that restricts access to the internet, has long argued that it is not the target of copyright infringements, but rather a global technology hub and source of information.

The $300-million agreement is expected to be approved by the US Supreme Court in the coming days.

The settlement comes in the wake of revelations last year that the National Government was negotiating to extend copyright protection to internet providers as part of a US$8 billion settlement to settle copyright cases involving movie studios, music publishers and others.

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