Cisco: AWS Outbound Services Routers are Ready for Windows 10

Cisco is preparing to roll out the Cisco Outbound services to Windows 10 on August 15, Microsoft announced today.

Microsoft will distribute a free copy of Cisco’s Outbound software to users of its Windows 10 Enterprise Server and Professional editions of Windows 10. 

“This is a great day for customers, partners, and the wider industry as the new Windows 10 is set to launch in the coming weeks,” Cisco CEO Brad Smith said in a blog post.

“We look forward to bringing you outbound service updates that are designed to make your Windows 10 experience as seamless as possible.”

Microsoft will also begin to roll-out Cisco’s Windows 10 services to other Microsoft Windows, Office, and Xbox devices, Microsoft said.

“The next Windows 10 release will include the Cisco CTO’s Outback service, which is designed to enable Windows 10 users to access the best of the internet from within their home or office,” Smith said.

Microsoft is also rolling out a free version of Cisco Outback for Office 365.

Microsoft also announced today that Cisco will be adding support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 to the Cisco Unified Platform Services, a suite of Cisco products designed to support enterprise, end-user, and mobile applications across multiple platforms.

Microsoft’s update to Cisco Outfront services is scheduled to rollout in August.

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