When your provider shuts down your outbound email service, your outbidding could go up

Google is launching a service called Outbound Services, which it says is aimed at providing service providers with “outbound email services”.

It’s not the first time the search giant has tried to get in on the outbound e-mail game, but the service will offer a cheaper way to send outbound emails.

Google’s announcement on Monday (in Chinese) said the service was launching in the coming days, and it would offer its customers a “subscription option” for $15.50 per month, or $120 for the whole year.

Outbound services are already offered by some of Google’s competitors such as Skype, but Google is offering its own service, which can be used with Google Apps and Gmail.

It is expected to roll out globally by the end of the year, with more countries to follow.

Google says the outbids will be sent through Gmail and Gmail apps.

The service is expected “to help our partners connect to outbound services that are currently not possible for us to offer through our existing services,” the announcement said.

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