Singapore to launch its digital outbound service

Singapore will launch its inbound digital outback service on Friday, its government said.

The government has asked companies to offer the service as early as June 1, and it has said it will set a minimum fare and service price.

The service will be a free option for Singapore residents, with monthly fees for services such as taxi rides and public transport.

Singaporean officials have been pushing for more services to be offered by companies outside the country, including online and mobile-based travel services.

The country’s tourism board also has proposed allowing the service to be free in some areas.

The outbound digital service will offer free wi-fi and data, and can be used for two people, according to the government’s website.

It will be available to Singaporeans on Friday from the same provider as the inbound service.

Incoming Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has also been working to encourage overseas firms to offer online services, a move that could help bolster the economy, according inbound travel industry experts.

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