How to get the best outbound service from India

The Times Of India on Tuesday announced a new service called Outbound Mail Service, which would be the first outbound mail delivery service for India.

Outbound mail will be delivered through an internet gateway, while the service will be offered at cost by the company, which is a subsidiary of Flipkart, one of the country’s biggest ecommerce companies.

Outfront mail service has already been launched for Singapore, Hong Kong and China. 

Outbound marketing company Cyano India, which was founded by founders and CEO of Patel Jha and Shruti Prasad, said it has invested a lot of time and effort into the project, which will make India the first country in the world to offer this service.

Outback Mail Service will offer free delivery for customers who use a smart phone or an e-reader.

The service will include delivery of email, mobile and other marketing materials.

Out front marketing firm Cranium India, also a subsidiary, has launched a separate marketing portal that will let companies use their own e-mail addresses and send marketing materials to customers through the portal.

“Outback Mail will deliver a service that will bring the best of both worlds of outbound and inbound marketing services, by bringing them to a larger audience in India, by making the process of marketing in India more accessible,” said Shruta Prasada, chief executive officer, Cyno India.

Cynos Mail, which currently offers a service for small to medium enterprises in India as well as a mobile app for e-commerce customers, is in talks to launch an Inbound Mail service in India.

The company has launched services for small businesses, which are also expected to start using outbound services soon.

The company said it will not be limiting the service to only those who use smart phones.

The mobile service will also be able to deliver content from the online platform to all customers.

 The company plans to start offering the service in early 2016, and it is expected to roll out the service globally by the end of this year.

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