How to tell if your data is being used by Google, Facebook and other big companies outbound

In this blog post, we’ll look at the data used by each of these services to send outbound email, and what that means for you.

In the interest of full disclosure, we use Google for all of our reporting and analysis, and it’s the same platform we use to publish this blog. 

Google Outbound email service, which provides email service to Google outbound customers, is based in Calgary, Canada.

GoogleOutbFast, a Google service that connects users with outbound providers, was established in 2007 in Toronto.

Google Outbound service can be found here:

Facebook Outbound services are based in London, UK. 

Facebook Outbound is available for users in the UK, and for other countries, as well as for the US and Canada.

Email providers with outbfast service: Email provider name Email service provider (1) (2) Name of provider (3) Address of provider address (4) Email id (5) User name (6) Password (7) Date of service (8) Domain name (9) Service id  (10) URL (11) Billing address (12) Body of message (13) Sent via (14) Content-type (15) Text message (16) Receipt of service receipt (17) Transcript sent (18) Response sent (19) Source (Canada and US) and EU) (Canada only) only)

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