Why Netflix is launching a podcast with all-new episodes of Stranger Things 2, and why you should subscribe to it

Netflix has a podcast on its streaming service called Stranger Things, and that show’s episodes are being broadcast on its own podcast platform.

Stranger Things fans can now stream episodes of the show on their favorite podcasting service, and the company is also launching a new show called Outbound answering services that will stream those episodes.

The company announced the Outbound service on Monday, saying that it would debut with two new episodes per week: “The Longest Night” and “The Complete List.”

Both episodes will be available on a weekly basis.

Netflix has said it will continue to offer its streaming library of episodes of its popular series like Stranger Things and Stranger Things: The Complete List.

That service will be open to new subscribers for the foreseeable future, with episodes coming out every other week, according to Netflix.

The company said that it is still trying to decide whether or not it will offer an episode-by-episode streaming service.

Netflix already offers a podcast platform for the shows it produces and its original series, including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Daredevil and The Leftovers.

Netflix also has an original series called The OA, which was produced by Amazon Studios.

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