Microsoft, Dell and HP to launch new outbound email services

Hacker News article Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have all confirmed that they will be introducing outbound mail services for their businesses to compete with the increasingly popular Google Gmail.

The new services are designed to compete on a level playing field and offer customers more choice.

The companies are expected to launch the new services on March 17, 2017.

Microsoft and HP will each be offering outbound fax services for the first time, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

“Microsoft and HP are committed to delivering the best and most flexible outbound service available today, which helps businesses move more efficiently and quickly,” said Michael Noyes, senior vice president of Microsoft Office and Internet, in a blog post.

“These new services will help provide a better experience for businesses that want to take advantage of new technology like cloud and data analytics.”

Microsoft and Hewlett Packard also announced that they are launching new email services that will compete directly with Google’s Gmail.

“This new partnership will give our customers a better way to get work done, which includes easier email delivery and better email retention,” said Marc Benioff, head of Microsoft’s Office and Web division, in the blog post on Wednesday.

“We believe this new partnership with Google will make it easier for companies to deliver their work to their customers on a more flexible, personalized and customized basis, with better support for email accounts.”

HP is expected to start the service later this year.

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