Conservatives react to Trump tweet about ‘fake news’

President Donald Trump’s latest tweet is the latest example of his campaign’s “fake news” attack against the media.

The president tweeted that news organizations had “a total and complete monopoly on U.S. news,” which he said was a “very sad commentary on our democracy.”

But the tweets came in response to a report from The Washington Post, which said the Trump campaign had been coordinating with “fake media” outlets like BuzzFeed, CNN and The Hill in an effort to influence the election and undermine Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

BuzzFeed has since fired two staffers who worked on the campaign, including its chief political correspondent, Matt Drudge.

BuzzFeed, the news outlet which had previously hired The Post, has since apologized for the comments, saying they were “mischaracterized.”

BuzzFeed’s president, Ben Smith, said in a statement that the company “regrets and apologizes to anyone offended by our remarks.

Our editorial team works tirelessly to ensure our stories are fact-based, but we also acknowledge that sometimes we are judged on our content.

That’s why we have made clear that we do not endorse, endorse, or defend the content of any news organizations.”

“While we cannot speak for The Post or any other news organization, we can unequivocally say that our reporting is fact-driven and our writers have a great deal of experience in covering the news.

That experience is in stark contrast to the Trump administration’s attempt to silence our journalism.”

The Post’s report said the president’s campaign team had been working with BuzzFeed and other news organizations to sway the election.

The Post reported that a person who identified themselves as “someone familiar with the situation” told the outlet that “Trump’s team was coordinating with a number of outlets, including BuzzFeed, to shape coverage of Clinton.”

Trump and other Trump surrogates have frequently attacked the media, saying the news media are controlled by Clinton.

In October, Trump tweeted that the media is “the enemy of the American people.”

In February, he called the media “the most dishonest, dishonest organization on earth.”

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