China says outbound relay services have been blocked in Philippines

A Chinese court has ordered the government to immediately block outbound China’s outsourced relay service to the Philippines and suspend any use of it until the court ruling is finalised.

The court ordered the suspension of the service on Thursday, according to a court filing in the central city of Pingtung, on the border with Malaysia.

China has repeatedly accused the Philippines of using the service to try to influence its policies, and has accused it of attempting to use it to spy on it.

China’s embassy in Manila did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the ruling.

Outbound service providers can still operate without restriction, the court said, and “all parties to the transaction must ensure the maintenance of the public peace, security and order”.

The court also said the Philippines had to ensure that outbound service provider companies “are not used to carry out illegal activities”.

The ruling was issued on Friday, the second time in as many weeks that the country has ordered outbound operators to suspend operations.

In September, a Chinese court in the capital, Beijing, issued a similar ruling, banning the use of Chinese-made outbound and inbound relay systems in the Philippines.

China is among a number of countries which has accused the Philippine government of using its outsourced services to spy and manipulate its policy, with the government accusing it of undermining the nation’s sovereignty.

The Philippines has said it will appeal against the ruling, which it said could lead to a loss of its diplomatic ties with China.

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