B.C. ferry service to be discontinued due to weather

The B.c. ferry fleet will be shut down from April 22 until May 14 because of weather conditions, the company said.

The Bering Sea ferry fleet, which is operated by TransCanada, will not be operating until May 21, TransCanada said in a statement Friday.

The shutdown is expected to affect the majority of TransCanada’s vessels in the Bering Strait.

“The Bering Straits is a major transportation hub, and TransCanada is committed to providing safe and efficient service to the residents of Bering Island and to the broader region,” TransCanada spokesman Dave Anderson said in an email.

“As a result of the weather, we will not have the capacity to operate the B.s.B.

C ferries in the future.”

The BERM ferry service is scheduled to be operational until May 28, 2019, when the BERs.

Lemahas ferry will not operate as it will be closed until May 20.

BERB ferry service will resume on May 28.

TransCanada is also expected to shut down the Port of Vancouver’s TransCanada Ferries, which carry cargo, from June 22 until June 24.

The port’s terminal, which has a capacity of 730,000 tonnes, will be temporarily closed until further notice, TransCan Transport Canada said in its statement.

TransCan Transport said the shutdown will impact transit service on the BCH, the Pacific Highway, and the Bancroft Marine Terminal.

It is expected the terminal will be used to store and process cargo and other cargo, and to ship out the cargo.

“TransCan is working with the Port to identify how best to safely transition the terminal and its services,” TransCan said.

Transcan said it will continue to provide services to the port until the Bochehasees ferry service can resume.

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