Facebook says it will stop selling ads in WhatsApp

Facebook says that it will no longer sell ads in Whatsapp’s app, but that users will still be able to access some ads via their Facebook account.

WhatsApp will be getting rid of ads, Facebook said in a blog post today.

It will continue to offer its own ad-supported apps, including Messenger, Messenger Lite, and WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

“Ads on WhatsApp and Facebook are no longer available in the app.

WhatsApp is a great way to share and communicate and we’re grateful to the millions of people who use WhatsApp to stay connected and keep up with friends,” Facebook said.

Users can still access the ads through their Facebook accounts, though.

Facebook says there’s no reason to think the ads will disappear from WhatsApp anytime soon.

It noted that Facebook already offers a range of ad-free options for WhatsApp users, including WhatsApp’s private messaging and stickers feature.

The company also has a dedicated Facebook app for WhatsApp called WhatsApp Messenger, which is also powered by WhatsApp’s own platform.

WhatsApp and Instagram also have paid-for features.

Facebook will also make WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger free for the next two years, with no ads in either app.

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