How to use the ‘ivr’ app on iPhone to scan outbound satellite TV service and prospecting services

The ivr app can scan out-of-band satellite TV services, satellite SDR services and out-bound prospector services, according to an article on TechRadars blog.

The service, which is available to iPhones on iOS, works by displaying a menu that lists outbound and inbound satellite television services.

A search for a satellite TV provider in the app then displays a list of channels in that provider’s catalog.

Once you have entered a service in the menu, the app will then allow you to scan it outbound for viewing, as well as scan it inbound for downloading.

You can also scan out the following services: SkySatelite TV, Sky Sports, Sky TV, Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile, Sky Digital, Virgin America, Virgin Bancroft, Virgin Direct TV, BSkyB and Virgin Media Satellite TV.

If you have an iPhone 4 or later, you can download the ivr scanner app from the App Store for free.

For those who don’t have an iOS device, the following video explains how to use an iPhone and how to install and use the ivrd scanner app.

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