How to stop fake news and fake news bots

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday released a new report examining how fake news is spreading online, and how the mainstream media is failing to combat it.

The report comes as President Donald Trump is taking credit for a spike in fake news stories on social media, including a story from a conservative outlet claiming that the Justice Department’s civil rights division had investigated Trump’s personal lawyer.

The Judiciary Committee released the report, titled “Fake News: The Hidden Agenda of the Media,” on Wednesday.

The report highlights the media’s failure to fight fake news in the wake of the election.

For instance, the report cites a fake story from The New York Times that claimed Trump was considering firing his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and then claiming it had been published by a Russian website, RT.

The Times later published a correction and admitted that the article was fake.

The committee said that the fake news problem is not limited to social media.

It noted that a fake report on President Barack Obama’s birth certificate circulated on Facebook in January.

It also cited a fake tweet that was attributed to the White House on March 14 that claimed the former president had been shot dead by a sniper.

The investigation by the Judiciary Committee was prompted by a series of stories on the social media platform that were false, misleading or simply untrue, according to the report.

The committees report also found that the mainstream press is failing when it comes to reporting on fake news.

It notes that a major story from Buzzfeed, the media outlet that published the story that led to the Justice department’s civil lawsuit against Trump, has been widely debunked by the mainstream news media.

Buzzfeed retracted the story, but did not remove the false and misleading story.

The committee also noted that the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the Russia scandal, has found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials in the 2016 election.

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